Plasma TV Reviews 2014

Best Plasma TV Reviews


A great way to improve your home’s entertainment is to invest in a new plasma TV. With such a TV you will be able to have a top video quality when watching your favorite movies, TV programs, sport evens or when playing video games on your gaming console. After reading the most reputable reviews we have selected the top rated models in 2014 from different manufacturers.


What to look for when searching for a new plasma TV:

  • A high contrast ratio to make the picture look more lifelike
  • A high refresh rate to eliminate any trace of motion blur, thus allowing you to play video games or watch sports undeterred
  • Full HD resolution; we recommend it because prices for it have gone down since the introduction of 3D and 4K Ultra HD technology (of course you can aim higher if you have the necessary financial capabilities)
  • A sleek design which looks great and is easily mounted on a wall with the help of sturdy brackets
  • Smart features; we’ve placed it last because this is optional and if you opt for them it will add to the overall price of your new plasma TV


Find below the most appreciated models this year:


3D & Smart TV Features
Our rating
Best Price on:
Samsung PN60F8500 3D Smart Plasma HDTV
3D + Smart TV$$$$$A+AMAZON
Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV
No such features$$$$B+AMAZON
LG Electronics 60PB6650 Plasma HDTV
LG Electronics 60PB6900 3D Plasma HDTV
3D + Smart TV$$$$BAMAZON
LG Electronics 50PB6650 Plasma TV
Sony KDL-46HX750 Plasma TV
Best sony plasma tv review
3D + Smart TV$$$$AAMAZON


Samsung PN60F8500 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


1If you are searching for a leading plasma HDTV and you are finding it hard to choose a model, we suggest investing in the new Samsung ON60F8500. From the beginning you’ll be intrigued by the modern and sleek design, which can even be mounted on any type of wall with the help of some sturdy brackets. As soon as you will turn on its 60 inch wide screen, you will be blown away by clear and crisp picture. You can watch 3D movies or channels as well, and you will also get, free of charge, four pairs of 3D Active Glasses for the whole family. The high-quality built-in Wi-Fi will allow you to browse or stream contents directly from the internet. With it you will receive a Smart Touch Remote with a touch pad and a built in microphone, giving you the chance to control the TV with simple voice commands. If you are into video games or like to follow different sporting events, then this is the TV for you because it has a 600Hz refresh rate. Many satisfied customers have written extremely positive reports about it and this makes us highly recommend this state-of-the-art plasma HDTV.

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Samsung PN64H5000 Plasma HDTV


2Getting a new wide-screen plasma HDTV is an important investment which needs careful planning. One of the best solutions that can be bought in today’s market is Samsung PN64H5000. While the size is certainly impressive with its 64 inch screen, you will also admire its sleek design. A top picture quality in guaranteed by it and the model doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its audio capabilities either. It’s fitted with powerful built-in speakers and can support Dolby MS10 and DTS studio sound audio formats. To make sure the Samsung PN64H5000 displays natural-like colors for any type of picture, the HDTV is fitted with Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology. Such large HDTVs regularly have an issue with motion blur, but this is certainly not the case for this model. To eliminate any threat of a blurry picture, a 600Hz subfield drive has been installed, allowing you to watch your favorite team, maybe fast action movies or play video games on your console. You may believe this HDTV is quite expensive, but you would be mistaken, because its price range is just right for a customer with an average budget. We believe that it’s only drawback is that fact that it lacks 3D technology, but other than this we were thrilled with its test results.

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LG Electronics 60PB6650 Plasma HDTV


If you’re searching for one of the best plasma TVs 2014, we recommend that you seriously consider investing in the LG 60PB6650. This HDTV guarantees a stunning Full HD picture resolution which will make watching movies or regular TV programs that more enjoyable. You won’t have to be worried about motion blur because this model has an impressive 600Hz refresh rate. Also, take advantage of the easy self-calibration options and find the best settings for the actual picture quality. This TV will help you save money too, thanks to its Smart Energy Saving Features.

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LG Electronics 60PB6900 3D Plasma HDTV


While this is not the newest plasma TV from LG, the 60PB6900 is still very popular because it offers a top picture quality at a very reasonable price. The 600 Hz refresh rate makes us recommend it for those gaming enthusiasts who spend lots of hours playing on the gaming console of their choice. Your favorite TV shows and movies can even be converted from a 2D picture to a 3D one. The energy consumption level is another advantage of the 60PB6900, making it one of the best choices that can be made in 2014.

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LG Electronics 50PB6650 Plasma TV


With the LG Electronics 50PB6650 you will be able to watch your favorite TV channels, movies or sport events in either a Full HD resolution or 3D. The Smart TV features will provide excellent web browsing capabilities, helping you stream content from specialized sites in a jiffy. Other plasma TVs have problems when it comes to high resolution pictures, but not this model because it has a 600Hz Max Field Drive. To connect easily to other HD devices, the 50PB6650 is fitted with 3 HDMI ports. Based on all the advantages this model has, we believe it’s one of the best plasma TVs 2014.

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Sony KDL-46HX750 Plasma TV


Best sony plasma tv reviewWhen looking for a television unit that can prove to be a good addition to your living room, this best Sony plasma TV review will provide you with insights on one possible option that can be taken into account. The rest of this article will be focused on the KDL-46HX750, which is one of the models that have been lauded by many people in and even name it the best plasma tv 2014. It is loaded with a variety of features, which, as many claims, have been able to surpass other models within the product category. An understanding of its features is essential for you to have an understanding on why it is a very popular option for many customers.

This best Sony plasma TV for sale delivers a high level of picture quality. One reason for such is its ability to play content in Full HD 1080p, which provides high image resolution to make colors vibrant and lively.

To add, another feature that enhances the picture quality of this best Sony plasma TV discounted unit is X-Reality Picture Engine, which make every image you see on screen be as close as possible to reality. The color, texture, contrast, and outline of the images are enhanced by such feature, which makes it possible for everything thing to be seen in detail. The Motion Flow XR 480 is another reason for the high quality images that are seen in this plasma TV. This is specifically useful for quick motion pictures, such as a rolling ball. It minimizes blur for fast action images.

The Dynamic Edge LED is another feature that has been noted in many best Sony plasma TV deals that were offered in the past.

Like those that have been earlier mentioned, this feature has been credited for its ability to make sure that the images are seen clearly. This allows the contrast to be boosted in several areas of the screen, instead of lighting the whole screen. Through the right positioning of the lights, it is able to create a picture-perfect effect that will complete your home entertainment experience.

More so, the best Sony plasma TV ratings have been favorable for this model because of the ability to be connected in an internet network, which can be possible through a Wi-Fi connection.

Once you are already connected to a network, you can enjoy access to thousands of entertaining contents that can be enjoyed. This will provide you an access to Sony Entertainment Network, where it will be possible for you to watch movies, play games, and listen to music, among other things.

All of the features that have been mentioned above have contributed into making this plasma TV one of the best in the market. If it will be based on the reviews given by many people, there is no doubt that this product can be the best choice that you can make.

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LG 60PM6700 Plasma TV


best lg plasma tv reviewThe features and technical specifications of the 60PM6700 will be mentioned in this best LG plasma TV review, with the anticipation that it will provide you and other readers with one possible option that can be taken into account when looking for a new TV. By reading our plasma tv reviews 2014, it is possible to know if this specific model will fit your needs and preferences, and more importantly, it will provide you with an idea on how it can prove to be a good investment.

The aesthetics of this unit is one thing that has been revealed on why many best LG plasma TV ratings have been high for such. It has a TruSlim Frame, which is an innovation that makes it possible to eliminate the thick frames that are often seen in traditional plasma models. In fact, the frame is less than an inch, which makes it one of the thinnest among other competing products.

The presence of an intuitive and easy to use interface can also be regarded as another good reason on why people consider this unit as the best LG plasma TV for sale. This makes it a breeze for users to operate the model and to enjoy its various functions, such as the Smart TV.

The latter is a feature that can give you access to thousands of online contents, such as Facebook and YouTube, among others. There is no need to worry about access to such sites, among other online apps, since this unit has a built-in Wi-Fi. You can throw your internet cables away, as it can provide you seamless internet connection.

In different best LG plasma TV deals, many of the people who have experienced using this unit have also expressed good words about the Magic remote control that is provided with the unit. This makes it very easy to enjoy the functionalities of the unit and to have the settings changed. The remote control is equipped with high capacity sensors. You no longer need to suffer from the difficulty of scrolling and clicking, as its remote control can be used in as quickly as a single swipe.

More so, many have bought this best LG plasma TV discounted model because the units 600Hz refresh rate, which is a function that can be best enjoyed when you are viewing subjects that are moving in fast speed. The main benefit of this feature is the elimination of blur, which can often be seen in conventional plasma TVs.

Given all of the features that have been mentioned from above, there is no doubt that this TV can prove to be a purchase that will be worth the money that you will be spending. With this, you can be assured of a more meaningful time together at home, as you view high quality entertaining contents in this plasma TV.

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Panasonic TV-P60ST50 Viera Plasma TV


Best  panasonic viera plasma tv reviewIn the rest of this best Panasonic Viera plasma TV review, you will be provided with a quick look at some of the features and functionalities that you and your family, as well as your guests, can enjoy with the TC-P60ST50, which is currently being recognized as one of the best plasma TV units not only from the manufacturer, but from all other competing models that are available in the our plasma tv reviews 2014.

One of the features that you can enjoy when you have this best Panasonic Viera plasma TV for sale is its connectivity to the internet, as such will provide you with the opportunity to view various things online for an enhanced entertainment experience. This means that you can never run out of things to see on your TV, as the internet is abundant with many entertaining contents.

More so, the fact that it is Wi-Fi enabled is also another reason on why it has been receiving best Panasonic Viera plasma TV ratings that are highly favorable and better, compared to the performance of other competing models. While on the internet, this best Panasonic Viera plasma TV discounted model can provide you with access to your favorite social networking sites to know the latest things that are happening to the people you know.

More so, the ability of this TV to play 3D contents in high quality is another good reason on why it has often been commended in many best Panasonic Viera plasma TV deals. Over the years, 3D viewing has revolutionized home entertainment, and this specific model is one that can prove to be helpful in experiencing such. More so, if the content that you are viewing is just in 2D, there is no need to be worried, basically because this model has the ability to convert 2D contents into 3D.

There are also many technical innovations that have been incorporated in the design and specifications of the unit, to make it highly competitive in a market that is full of possibilities. For instance, one that is important to mention would be using fast switching phosphors, which offers the possibility of minimizing the duration of afterglow. More so, such has also been the reason for the ability of the unit to be engaged in the high definition reproduction of both 2D and 3D contents.

Having 600Hz technology is another thing that should be noted in this review. Such innovation is beneficial because it makes sure that the highest quality of images will be delivered by the unit, whether it is through still images or moving subjects. Lastly, the Infinite Black Pro panel is also an innovation that should not be forgotten, as it makes sure of rick clack color on the images that you can see as you watch a variety of contents from this TV.

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Samsung PN51E7000


1The Samsung PN51E7000 for sale trully deserves a place in the best plasma tvs 2014 list. The most noteworthy features of this television are its black levels and image quality most recommended as TV for dark-lit rooms. This awesome TV would even look better in a larger space.  This particular model has an anti-glare louvered screen technology and it absorbs light and allows it to set in.

Take advantage of the Samsung PN51E7000 deals as it comes equipped with new innovations like All-Black Pure Filter, this new model from Samsung is a few steps higher when it comes to contrast and black levels by 10% compared to older models. Increased contrast and black levels doesn’t necessarily mean darker shade of blacks, but it also means improved vividness of colors. An aspect that the consumers will really like is the Samsung Top Plasma Panels that is actually better than some of the other brands’ because it has smoother image transitions and signal processing.

A lot of Samsung PN51E7000 review indicates high ratings as this model showcases remarkable active 3D.  They have elevated the functionalities of their 3D system that comes with light-weight 3D glasses. The user will be assured that there wouldn’t be any flashing or blurring compared to the previous models that were released in the market before.

There are more reasons why you should take advantage of Samsung PN51E7000 discounted price is its connectivity and internet options. This model is equipped with the 2011 Smart TV suite.  The app store has expanded reaching a number of 1500 applications this year and still counting. Samsung PN51E7000 ratings has stayed on top because it has the most state of the art smart TVs available in the market with a high level of connectivity because of the dual core processor that comes with the system that should make the loading of applications faster and it also enables the user to use the functions simultaneously. Watching movies and TV shows from Netflix or Hulu, get the latest update on news all over the world and connect with friendly through social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook couldn’t be more pleasurable through this Samsung smart TV.

Samsung PN51E7000 smart TV measures 31.7” x 46.9” x 12.1” that includes the base. The panel measures about 2.1 inch thick that includes any bulge – the model’s screen has a glossy finish and like any other smart TVs by Samsung, this one looks modern and sleek.

Samsung Smart TV menu system is one of the most remarkable for the year. It is user- friendly and it has vastly improved from the previous models that are released in the past few years. The remote control that comes with the Smart TV is a standard backlit remote that has easy to control keys for the Smart hub and other purposes.

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Samsung PN60E550


2Although it doesn’t get the complete advantage over Samsung’s Real Black Pro picture quality features, this Samsung PN60E550 for sale has enough remarkable variety of features for the price. This model has 1080p resolution. You can also expect excellent color and superior plasma presentation. Since Samsung is a brand known for best picture quality based on Samsung PN60E550 review and has been consistent on this particular feature. Samsung PN60E550’s Smart Hub feature with connectivity or internet option is one of the latest features to this Samsung model as well. Overall, you get value for money when if you opt for this model that is considered by many as one of the top plasma tvs 2014.

When it comes to picture quality, this particular model doesn’t really have the latest All Black Pure Filter so it lacks a bit of contrast over the other Samsung plasmas that were released in the market but the clarity of the images is still one of its strongest points. As reflected on Samsung PN60E550 ratings, it’s still top-rated as it possesses superb image quality, reasonably priced 3D and a plasma TV with 1080P resolution. The reflection or glare from this sleek plasma screen is more noticeable and the colors as not as vivid but besides these observations, the quality is still good enough or more considering its price.

Regarding its black level and contrast, even without the latest feature of All Black Pure Filter, Samsung PN60E550 discounted price is still practical to take advantage of. For the darker lit rooms, this plasma TV will definitely outdo the other mid-level models in the market.

The details of dark shadow is one of Samsung plasma’s strength, in a darker environment, the user will not oversee the little details because of the strong black levels like you will in a lot of the current LED and LCD television.

One of the strongest points of this Samsung PN60E550 for sale is the color which looks realistic. At this day and age where a lot of televisions are consistently improving the color saturation, this plasma TV consistently provides cool and warm colors which are life like and also, superb flesh tones that do not  surge blue or red. Just make sure that you calibrate the settings appropriately so to be able to maximize this TV’s full potential.

Another reason why you should take advantage of Samsung PN60E550 deals is its 3D viewing features. This particular model comes with two pairs of Samsung’s latest and more developed 3D glasses. These light-weight glasses are a lot more comfy to war and this is significantly less bulky than any other 3D glasses in the market. When it comes to 3D viewing experience with this plasma TV, it has vastly improved from the previous models released by Samsung. There is a lot of depth in the remarkably detailed image and there is decreased crosstalk and blurring when you compare to other brand’s models.



Samsung PN60E7000 Plasma TV


Best samsung plasma tv reviewBeing considered by the manufacturer as one of the best models they have introduced in 2013, the rest of this best Samsung plasma TV review will provide you with an idea on what makes the PN60E7000 one of the best options in the marketplace. The mere fact that it is manufactured by Samsung can already be a good reason to consider this model amongst other alternatives that you will be confronted with. However, aside from its brand name, there are many other features that make this television worths to be named as the best plasma tv 2014.

Smart TV and Smart Hub are among the many reasons on why there are many people who consider this unit as the best Samsung plasma TV for sale. The main benefit that is being offered by such features is that it allows you to be entertained in numerous ways.

This will provide you with the opportunity to watch not only the shows that are provided by your cable television provider. You can access a lot of contents online, such as videos from YouTube and thousands of apps that can keep you and your family entertained the whole day. The best thing is that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network, which makes it possible for you to enjoy seamless online experience. To add, it comes with some signature services that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It has Family Story, which will provide you with an entertaining and convenient way to view the photos of the whole family. It also comes with Kids Story, which is a child-friendly program that will keep your child entertained while learning as well. Lastly, it has Fitness, which will provide you with an entertaining guide in achieving a fitter and healthier body.

In many of the best Samsung plasma TV ratings given by the customers, positive feedback has been enjoyed by this model. Aside from the ability to access online content, another commonly cited reason for the positive feedbacks about this plasma TV is its picture and sound quality. For instance, many have liked that this best Samsung plasma TV discounted model has a Cinema Smooth feature. With such, it has the ability to deliver clear images, even for movies that are shot at a fast speed. It also comes with the Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which will allow you to see the images in vibrant and rich color, just like how the director would want everyone to see a movie.

More so, when it comes to its sound quality, The Digital Natural Sound Engine, a sound enhancing feature, is also worth highlighting. With such, sound is optimized to fit the needs of every listener, and thereby, resulting into a more cinematic viewing experience.

Given the features that were mentioned above, there is no wonder that the best Samsung plasma TV deals include this unit. It is selling very fast, which makes it apparent that you should definitely grab one now before the stock runs out.



Panasonic TC-P55ST50


A 3D Full HD TV is a excellent acqusiton for your home which will give you a lot of opportunities from which to choose from. Watch your favorite programs, listen to your prefered tracks, comment videos you have just seen on Facebook, follow your home team and many more. The best plasma TV without glare can be identified with the Panasonic TC-P55ST50 model which has all the above mentioned features and even more. A high quality image plus other top characteristics will be at your disposal if you purchase it after reading our review.

Its 55 inch screen is enveloped in a nicely designed frame which will look just lovely in your living room or any other room you decide to put it in. The picture quality you will experience with this model is state-of-the-art and to be more specific this means Full HD capabilities for 2D and 3D pictures as well. Also the 2D to 3D conversion takes almost no time unlike other plasma TVs in this category. It is also has smart TV features which allow you to use the internet easily and fast at the same time. Netflix, Pandora, Youtube and many other sites are at your disposal because of the high performance Wi-Fi which this TV is equipped with. Also you can login to your Facebook or Twitter account or even Skype with your friends and family, but for this last option a separate camera must be purchased.

One of its most important characteristics is the 600 Hz sub-field drive which helps you watch action movies or sport events without the annoying blur effect. The 2500 focused field drive also helps a lot in this regard. While some HDTVs have problems with the black levels in pictures, this is not the case for the TC-P55ST50. The viewing experience will be greatly enhanced by its deep black levels which are natural and rich, adding to the picture`s realism. All its features point out that it can be well regarded asa the best plasma TV without glare which you can find on the market.

This plasma TV is also environmentally friendly using no mercury which can be particulary damaging. The plasma panels will decrease in brightness after 100.000 hours of use with only 50%, much better than most of its rivals. The TC-P55ST50 has everything you could possibly want from a latest generation wide screen TV: it has built-in Wi-Fi granting it smart TV capabilities, Full HD pictures for 2D and 3D, top stereo speakers etc. Connecting a game console to it will also blown your mind away if you are a gaming enthusiast, creating a whole new lifelike world for you to take advantage of. This could prove to be a fine choice if you decide to acquire this Panasonic model.